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There is an economy revolution moving gradually round the world but was not noticed by many. Triggered by the worldwide lock down it is becoming very obvious that the world is moving from the traditional way of making money to a digital way of making money.

I believe you would like to earn daily and passive income. Due to the falling of most countries economy as a result of COVID 19, we can make it and sustain ourselves if we make a decision today. If this is for you, please read this article to the end..

This is the freedom campaign that Forsage has come with.

Forsage is the world’s first-ever 100% Decentralized CryptoCurrency Matrix Project to deploy a Self-Executing Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blochain.

Forsage is set up to work with one of two Wallets, depending on whether you wish to administer this program with your Smart phone / tablet, or with your computer — Trust wallet for mobile or Metamask for computer.

MetaMask Wallet — Only for your Laptop or Desktop Computer.
Download this here from Google chrome store

Register To Forsage With Trust Crypto Wallet Mobile App (Download From Google Play Store Or App Store)

Step 1:
Go in your app store and Download Trust wallet to your phone.

Download Link For : Android  & Download Link For : Ios

You can buy 0.055 or $15 of Ethereum from your New Trust Wallet, using your MasterCard/Visa Debit or Credit cards instantly from within your wallet (i would advice you to buy at $20 of Ethereum due to charges)


Once your wallet is funded scroll to the bottom of your trust wallet and click DAPPS (Android phones) or Browser (iPhones)


Next copy and paste this link at the top where it says enter website url: *Click into the box, then paste the above link & then click done*

It will then take you to the Forsage website.

ensure your Upline is 551062 if its not kindly change it to 551062

Just click on the GREEN button and it will take you to page where you will then click the Green button on register, it will allow you to pay into program (If it’s in a different language than you require, just click on English or your other choice of language at the top)


Once you have paid, it will then automatically make you a member and if you click the back arrow button you should see your member number in your back office and your referral link that you can share with others!

All you need to do is share with 3 other people and help them to do the same. That’s it. If everyone follows this, we will all be successful in this program.

Let me know when you join with me using the above link ( ) and send me a message on telegram , I will help you to build your own team.

Thanks for reading.
As above, please can I request that if you are asked to enter a sponsor link with either Trust wallet or Metamask, then please copy and past my link into the box as follows:

I thanks you for this and I will always help you to succeed in this business.